Discover the first matscale with footprint recognition

CES Innovation Awards Honoree

How humans measure body health hasn’t changed in over 100 years.

The time for change is now.

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Your feet speak for you.

Unique Footprint Recognition & Analysis Powered by Proprietary AI.

No sharing of your weight to the whole family. Footprint recognition brings privacy and control.

Weight, Body Composition, Posture & Balance Analysis

Bad posture can put unnecessary stress on your muscles, joints, and ligaments-leading to back, shoulder, and neck pain.

BBalance keeps a daily record of your balance and posture and gives you customized exercises so you live pain and stress-free.

Record everyday,
check any day

The app tracks automatically so you don’t see the numbers until you choose to. Less stress, more control over your health data.

Get Personalized Recommendations

The BBalance app gives daily guided coaching experiences to improve your balanced weight and to live a more body-positive life.

Pre-order on Indiegogo
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One and for all

Be you a great sportsman, a weight-complex person, a family with kids growing endlessly. BBalance is designed for all the family.

  • 2020 CES Innovation Awards

    Mateo Company owns the pressure mapping IP.

  • 2020 CES Innovation Awards

    Mateo Company owns the pressure mapping IP.

  • 2020 CES Innovation Awards

    Mateo Company owns the pressure mapping IP.


Want to find your balance ?

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Other Questions?

  • The current maximum weight is 440lbs (200kg). However, we're working to extend that limit.

  • 810x560cm — closer to a bath-mat than to a weighing-scale.

  • Yes! Machine washable at 40°C. Using the same mode as your cotton clothes.

  • The proprietary footprint recognition in BBalance identifies different members of your family and syncs data directly to their personal user accounts.

  • Yes — a minimum weight of 10kg is required for functionality — typically 3 years old and up.

  • Through the bioimpedance mechanics and the electrodes, BBalance collects various body composition metrics — including water, muscle, fat, and bone mass. Additionally, it provides general information such as your BMI and basal metabolism. Even if you constantly change your center of gravity, the final number stays the same. We call this your Balanced Weight, providing you information about your posture and how to improve it.

  • Feel free to reach out on Instagram and Facebook, otherwise we’re always available via email at