Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can BBalance hold?

The current maximum weight is 440lbs (200kg). However, we're working to extend that limit.

What are the dimensions?

810x560cm — closer to a bath-mat than to a weighing-scale.

Is BBalance washable?

Yes! Machine washable at 40°C. Using the same mode as your cotton clothes.

Can I share BBalance with my family?

The proprietary footprint recognition in BBalance identifies different members of your family and syncs data directly to their personal user accounts.

Can my kids use BBalance?

Yes — a minimum weight of 10kg is required for functionality — typically 3 years old and up.

What data does BBalance analyse?

Through the bioimpedance mechanics and the electrodes, BBalance collects various body composition metrics — including water, muscle, fat, and bone mass. Additionally, it provides general information such as your BMI and basal metabolism. Even if you constantly change your center of gravity, the final number stays the same. We call this your Balanced Weight, providing you information about your posture and how to improve it.

How can I get in touch for any other queries?

Feel free to reach out on Instagram and Facebook, otherwise we’re always available via email at

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